JAM club stands for the Jesus And Me club. JAM club aims to bring the Bible to life for all children aged 8 and over (School Year 3 and above).

We learn about the Bible through multi sensory experiences, using all our senses to find out about the Bible, learn about Jesus’ teachings and about how Christianity can relate to our day to day lives. JAM club’s sessions include popcorn and dvd weeks where we enjoy a ‘cinema’ like experience together and we watch Bible cartoons.

We have cookery weeks where we create the food that we hear about in the Bible. We have games weeks where we play Bible based games that encourage community building. On some weeks we will invite a special person to tell us how their hobby or job fits in with their Christian beliefs. We also have Bible study weeks where we focus on a Bible reading and learn the history and geography around the topic as well as the meaning of the Bible reading and how it relates to us today. We aim to have a lot of fun together, learn about Jesus and develop our own individual Christian path.

JAM club meets during the 10am service every Sunday except the last Sunday of the month when there is a family service instead. We leave the main congregation after the first hymn and rejoin the congregation in time to receive a blessing at the altar at Communion. JAM club makes the most of the Chapel, hall, stage and kitchen spaces for our Sunday activities.

We would be delighted to welcome new children to our group. Please come along one Sunday and join in!


worldHere are some letters written to the JAM club leaders from the children who attend the group:

Dear Jam Club Leaders
Thank you for all the time you give up for us.  We especially like to see our friends and learning about the Bible.  We enjoy the drama and blanket races.  We can now look things up in the Bible, we enjoy all the stuff and sessions you plan for us.   Love from Andrew & Archie

Dear Jam Club Leaders
Thank you for giving up your time to make Jam Club more exciting.  We like reading the Bible for our education.  We also like drama and acting.  Love from Dominic & Alex

Dear Jam Club Leaders
Thank you for spending all your time and effort on us.  You make it all so fun and enjoyable for all years, we will never grow out of it.  We are so thankful that you have helped us learn more about God and Jesus.  We want to do more blanket races, cooking, acting and more & more cool and exciting stuff.  Love from Grace & Emily